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The International

Every year at the Marxism closing rally, people sing the Internationale. Here‘s a great article by Donny Gluckstein on the history of the song that continues to inspire millions of workers across the… Continue reading

Social Media and Social Movements

Debating ‘The Precariat’

The debate on Guy Standing’s book ‘The Precariat: The new dangerous class’ connect Marxism Festival to the debates which are happening inside the movement. See the first few minutes of the debate which… Continue reading

David Harvey and Alex Callinicos on Marx’s Method

This evening at 7pm David Harvey and Alex Callinicos will be discussing Marx’s Method in Kapital. Make sure to get there early to avoid disappointment. Send us reports and tweets so we can… Continue reading

Alex Callinicos on the problem of organisation; or Negri without Negri

Packed meeting with David Harvey

Gonzalo Pozo-Martin on imperialism

East London vs the Olympics

Today’s meeting with Alan Kenny (from East London SWP) on the Olympics saw lively discussion on the effects of the Olympics on East London. Kenny asked the question – ‘What Olympic Legacy?’ The… Continue reading

David Harvey to speak – Make sure you get there early

To avoid disappointment make sure to get to the room early if you want to hear David Harvey speak on the Urbanisation of Class Struggle and Marx’s Method in Capital (w/Alex Callinicos)

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