Report from the opening rally

Friends Meeting House in London was absolutely packed. People were sitting on the floors and every seat was taken.

Maria Styllou from the SWP’s sister organisation in Greece opened the rally by reminding people of Marx’s quote «all that is solid melts into air». Marx would have never imagined that people across the globe wpuld be rising up against capitalism like they are today.

She spoke about the necessity to build the anti-capitalist and revolutionary left.

Ian Bradley, a rank and file electrician spoke about the Sparks diapute and how rank and file action alongside official action beat multinational corporations such as Balfour Beatty. He spoke about how the struggle in the construction industry is continuing, and how socialists can make a rwal difference to the struggles.

He ended on highlighting the centrality of the TUC demonstration on October 20.

Newly elected socialist councillor Michael Lavalette spoke about how socialists can use the council chamber as a platform or megaphone to unite social movents and trade unionists. We need to pose the question of an alternative to capitalism itself when fighting in the streets and in the council chambera.

Laura Miles from the UCU Nec spoke about the SWP has been arguing to put protest back into Pride. Given the problems surrounding world pride the party’s intervention will be crucial to raise the level of politics and strengthen the red in the raimbow.

SWP industrial organiser spoke about the hipocrisy of the system and how the term fat cats isn’t adequate any longer. Instead we should be calling them FAT RATS.

He called for a hot autumn starting on October 20, continuing with the strikes iver pay and pensions and the student demonstration on November 21.

He emphasised that we need to fight the rats but more importantly the system that breeds them.