Women, work and the family in a neoliberal age

In a wideranging and fascinating account in the meeting on Women, work and the family in a neoliberal age Hannah Dee covered the transformation of the family since the onset of neoliberalism and looked at the impact of the cuts today. She covered education, part time work and family structure.

The meeting provided not only a theoretical overview to the way that capitalism has affected the nature of the family, but also serious empirical evidence.

The discussion involved a range of contributions that touched on ideology, strikes and the limitations of patriarchy. One contributor considered how neoliberalism has coopted the language of the women’s movement with concepts such as “freedom” and “choice”. Another looked at the internalisation of womens oppression with the example of a recent survey that suggested two thirds of women covered up scars from domestic abuse. Hannah concluded by looking to the revolutionary movements across the middle east as an inspiration for activists everywhere in fighting for a society free of womens oppression – and exploitation in general.