John Molyneux on ‘leadership’ in movements

You can buy John Molynuex’s book ‘Anarchism: A Marxist Criticism’ at bookmakrs in the cloisters. Advertisements

Tweets against police brutality

Gigi: “All cops are bastards” thunderous applause. “Every neighbourhood in Cairo has ACAB written somewhere” #marx2012 #Egypt — Suhail Merchant (@SuhailMerchant)

Favourite words, favourite tweets

My favourite word used at #marx2012 so far? Hetrogeneity as used by Jeff Webber discussing #latinamerica #socialism — Sian Ruddick (@sianruddick)

Make sure to get to the meetings early

The meetings are filling ip as the weekend is nearing. To avoid disappointment of not getting a seat or not being able to get into a meeting make sure to get to the… Continue reading

Tweets, tweets, tweets

@ another packed meeting @ #marx2012. This one, Phil Marfleet’s on ‘Islamism & Revolution’ Lovely reunion of Egyptian revolutionaries there — Sasha Simic (@sashasimic)

Spanish student striker explains what’s happening in Spain

The history of rabbits

The history of rabbits provided a useful point of reference for Martin Empson to discuss the question of how humans relate to the natural environment. Rabbits were introduced to Britain by the Normans… Continue reading

Packed meeting room on youth and revolutions

Nina Power reports on her Feuerbach meeting

Why did the French leave Algeria?

Laura who is participating at Marxism outlines an emerging debate at the festival. — What made the French leave Algeria? This year’s Marxism celebrates the 50th anniversary of Algerian independence, with a number… Continue reading

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